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Excellent fuel tank repair services

When you need professionals to divide your truck's gas tank or upgrade it for increased efficiency, the qualified crew at North Star Aluminum has got you covered.

  • Fuel tank repairs

  • Fuel tank upgrades

  • Restrap corroded gas tanks

  • Fuel tank patchwork

  • Filler necks

  • Strap fabrication

  • Division of gas tanks to add hydraulic reservoirs

Complete fuel tank services

We'll divide your truck's fuel tank by removing one end, inserting the divider, and welding it in place. The end cap is then replaced and rewelded properly.


Our committed professionals have been serving the community for more than 4 decades. Get in touch with us for quality aluminum and truck products.

Reliable fuel tank repair technicians

Get FREE estimates on fuel tank repair services. Call us at


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  • Restrap corroded areas on tank

  • Patch tank

  • Test

Fuel Tank Repair and Upgrading

  • Remove end of tank

  • Insert full divider and weld in place

  • Replace end cap and reweld

  • Test

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